long Code sms

Long code also known as virtual mobile number, is a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls. As well as being internationally available, long numbers enable businesses to have their own number, rather than short codes which are generally shared across a lot of brands.

SMS Long code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers. In a shared long code environment every company which wants to avail this service will be provided with a Keyword (Keyword is an unique identifier for your company on our shared Long code. e.g. if, your companies name is ABC Ltd and you took a keyword say ABCL on our long code then every message which starts with ABCL and a blank space will be forwarded to your panel. In short we recognize the incoming messages on the basis of keywords and forward it to the respective companies account).

Basic Features of Dedicated Long code application

  • You can create separate account for every sub-keyword.
  • You can request for reseller account if you want to sale keyword.
  • You can run application at your own domain (White Label Account).
  • Real Time Reporting. All the incoming sms will display in your online account.
  • Any time you can change your Reply sms or API.
  • Email Forwarding Option.
  • Notification SMS Option.

Virtual SIM Host (Dedicated Long Code) Price :

Set Up Charges (one Time) Rs. 5000
Number Charges 1.Depends On Number( Provided By Us) Or
2. NIL (To Be Provided By Client).
Set Up Timing 10-15 Working Days
Incoming SMS 30,000 Free per Month
Additional Incoming SMS Cost 4 paisa/SMS
Auto Reply Charges 15p/SMS
Quarterly Rental Rs. 26,000
Half yearly Rental Rs. 45,000
Annual Rental Rs. 80,000
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